Anatomy of a throttle pedal

My throttle pedal was sticking a little so with the carpet out I thought it would be the right time to disassemble it, clean it and replace the bearings. Quite a lot of parts just for the throttle pedal.

Ferrari 308 throttle pedal parts

The needle bearings were indeed seized and everything was clogged with carpet dust and was a little rusty. The needle bearings are a standard size and readily available. My new ones were HK1210 12x16x10 from and cost just over $20 for four. Below: cleaned up and part re-assembled. One bearing in, three more to go.

Ferrari 308 throttle pedal bearings

Below: completely reassembled.

Ferrari 308 throttle pedal assembled

Below: I also repainted the moulding that goes around the pedal as it was looking a little scruffy.

Ferrari 308 throttle pedal shroud

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