Crusty old flaps

I can’t really put anything back together knowing that a part of it is not working as new. With renovations like this, that means simple jobs grow and grow as I find more and more things that need cleaning, fixing or replacing.

One of these jobs was to renovate the ventilation system underneath the dashboard. It’s only accessible when the dash is out of the car so this was the best time to deal with it.

Ferrari 308 center vent dash removed

With the dash off there are three centre vents visible. Below these vents are a couple of bizarre flaps whose job is to flip and flip down to separate cold and hot air flows inside the dash.

Ferrari 308 center vent flaps

After 35 years the flaps needed replacing. I could never refit the dash knowing the state they were in. They were so dry from  air passing over them for years, it was hard to actually tell what they were made from. What appeared to be old stiff, cracked leather had in fact started out as flexible rubber sheet. We needed new flaps.

I ordered several samples of rubber sheet from eBay. I eventually decided on a black nitrile rubber sheet from Zoro Tools which seemed to match the pliability of the small remaining soft part of the old flaps the best.

Ferrari 308 center vent flap replacement

Ferrari 308 center new vent flaps

Cut to fit, and fitted to their frame, I can now refit the dash knowing that another job is done and another part is working like new again.

Ferrari 308 center vent seal dash removed


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