On a roll…

Fresh from my success sourcing Land Rover bolt caps for my Ferrari’s interior I decided to tackle my wayward headlight stalk. When the lights of the Ferrari are on, the headlight stalk is unfortunately exactly where your knee should be. It’s impossible to declutch without hitting the headlight stalk. When the car was new this was just a minor inconvenience. 35 years later, hitting the stalk turns the lights off whenever I change gear.

Ferrari 308 indicator stalk disassembled

Any resistance within the column stalk has long gone, leaving an unwanted, super-sensitive, knee-activated, lighting kill-switch. Calling it a safety concern is a bit of an understatement. The first time I hit the stalk on an unlit back road it scared the proverbial out of me. With the steering column off the car, the time had come to investigate further…

After removing the end of the stalk the problem is apparent. There is supposed to be a spring-loaded ball bearing in that hole below that green wire. It’s sole job was to resist knee-induced rotation.

Ferrari 308 indicator stalk ball bearings

Enter stage left a bag of 20 bicycle wheel hub 3/16” ball bearings, cost: $1.90. These are exactly the right size to fit into the hole and restore the original positive resistance to the switch.

Ferrari 308 indicator stalk reassembled

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