Monthly Archive: December 2013

Ferrari 308 replacement carpet 0

No more curves

The carpet sections for the A-pillar/wheel arches are glued in which means I’m done beating flat carpet to fit curved metal and fiberglass.

Ferrari 308 refitting recovered dashboard 0

Refitting the dashboard

The recovered dashboard is back in the car. Refitting is simpler as a two man job but here is how I did it on my own (after some trial and error):

Ferrairi 308 Brico Pram cigarette lighter 0

Incendiary device number 3

The third potential source of fire after the arcing instrument rheostat and the melting fuse panel was the cigarette lighter. Do you remember the days not so long ago when cars came with cigarette...

Ferrari 308 seat cap screw 0

Just replace the fasteners

When I work on my car I almost always replace fasteners whether they need it or not. That’s fine… I’m obsessive about restoring and maintaining my car… everything has to be perfect when I put...

Ferrari 308 original fuseboxes 1

New fuseboxes

Yet another one of my “while you are in there” jobs was to replace the fusebox. Just like the instruments, the Ferrari fuseboxes have a habit of melting. Above: the original fuseboxes

Ferrari 308 tenax fastener 6

Tenax fasteners

This is the front half of a Tenax fastener. Common on older convertibles for securing the tonneau cover; they are small spring loaded catches opened and closed by pulling up on the small metal...