New fuseboxes

Yet another one of my “while you are in there” jobs was to replace the fusebox. Just like the instruments, the Ferrari fuseboxes have a habit of melting.

Ferrari 308 original fuseboxes

Above: the original fuseboxes

The problem with the original fuseboxes is that they rely on riveted contacts on the back of the box to carry large currents along the supply side of the fuses. The rivets are not good conductors and introduce resistance where there should be none. The resistance heats up the rivets and contacts and they start to melt the plastic case (sounds familiar!) and eventually the plastic distorts and causes bad connections introducing general electrical gremlins into the system.

The solution is to replace both boxes with something a little better built. Jonathan Bird has a side-line business up in New England building upgraded fuseboxes for Ferrari 308s. Fitting two of his boxes was a lot quicker than building my own replacements.

Ferrari 308 replacing fuseboxes

Above: In the middle of the changeover. Ferrari’s partially-melted fusebox on the left with the riveted contacts. Jonathan’s upgraded fusebox on the right with fully-soldered connections.

Ferrari 308 melted fuseholders

Above: The original fuseboxes clearly show evidence of prior melting and distortion. Both have been repaired in the past by soldering the rivets in! Better to replace them entirely I think.

Ferrari 308 upgraded birdman fuseboxes

Above: upgraded fuseboxes fitted and wired in. I also replaced all of the relays with modern equivalents for good measure. The old ones were still the original metal-cased Bosch relays from the 1970s. The turn indicator flasher was also upgraded to be LED compatible,

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