Centre console

Ferrari 308 center console renovation

The centre console is finished and back in the car after an extensive renovation. The console was recovered because the old vinyl had scratches and a rip at the handbrake gaiter. The recovered version has an extra inch of extension in the gaiter so that issue won’t happen again.

Secondly the heater and vent sliders now have new bezels. The original Ferrari versions are chromed plastic and do not age well. The plastic becomes brittle and breaks while the chrome peels. The replacements are  cast aluminium from a company called Unobtainable Supply that specializes in re-manufacturing unique, unobtainable parts for these cars.

Ferrari 308 replacement bezels

Original Ferrari plastic bezel above, looking worse for wear after 35 years. Unobtanium Supply’s aluminium replacement below looking a whole lot better together with the same company’s unscratchable label.

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