LED dash lighting part 2

SMD 5050 LEDs vs single LED

The replacement BA9 LEDs have arrived. Each one uses 5 of the latest SMD 5050 surface mount diodes and so should be much brighter than the previous LEDs I was using

Initial results were definitely an improvement…

Ferrari 308 LED dash lights

The minor gauges were definitely more visible than before and I am now  happy with them.There was also some improvement in the tachometer lighting but still not enough to see the needle.The tachometer dimness is due to a design issue. All the other gauges have a plastic ring around the circumference to refract the back-light through 90 degrees onto the gauge face and needle. The tachometer has no such ring, just a small gap for the light to shine through. I have an idea to improve things which I’ll address in a future post. Another issue that I will have to attend to is the difference in colour and intensity of the speedo that you can see above.

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