Mirror fix

Ferrari 308 disassembled rear view mirror

My rear view mirror was always cloudy. I had cleaned the glass but the contamination appeared to be inside. The opportunity to fix it presented itself when I hit the mirror with my head and knocking it off the windscreen while working on the interior.

The Ferrari’s mirror has a pane of polarized glass in front of the mirror glass with a gap in-between that seems to attract, dust, grease and all manner of other contaminants. Disassembly for cleaning is simple. The plastic housing has four plastic clips holding everything together. Before reassembly I lubricated the dipping mechanism.

Ferrari 308 rear view mirror internals

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  1. Vince says:

    Thanks very much for this post! I have an 88 GTS and my mirror was really cloudy to the point that I couldn’t see out the rear in the sunlight, and not much better at night either! I was looking to buy a replacement mirror, and came across your post in my search. Unbelievable. I just popped off the frame, didn’t have to remove the mirror from the windshield at all, cleaned the glass and mirror, and popped the frame back on. Took no time at all.
    Thanks for posting and saving me some time and dollars! Happy Motoring, Vince

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