Stuck Ventilation Lever

Ferrari 308 stuck ventilation lever

After the interior went back in I realized that the passenger ventilation lever was partially stuck. In turn I concluded that this was the reason the air conditioning was not getting things cold. No alternative but to start disassembling the center console again. Thankfully on the 308, that only requires removing two screws hidden in the ashtray.

Once the reverse side of the lever was visible, the problem was apparent. The cable sheath had slipped out of the lever body so the cable was no longer pulling the flaps at the front of the car. In fact it was snagging on the dislodged sheath, limiting the movement of the lever.

Ferrari 308 ventilation lever cable


Repositioning the cable and tightening the cable clamp was a simple fix.

Ferrari 308 ventilation lever cable fixed

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2 Responses

  1. Gary Krings says:

    where did you find best plce to but parts– need steering rack, wheel bearings, etc.,for ’81 GTSi.
    Thanks for any help!

    • 26359 says:

      Thanks for your comment Gary. For a steering rack you can get OK repro Chinese racks from APX in California. They work but the pinion can have a little play and you may need to tweak fitment. A friend got a 308 rack from AW Auto Parts in NJ which he liked a lot. Wheel bearings are generic – look on 308 section for the SKF part numbers. I buy of parts from various places, Ricambi in the US, Maranello Concessionaires in the UK – their air shipping is super fast to the east cost.

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