Shakedown Tests

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB after restoration

With an interior, 26359 has been out and about, driving this way and that. Given the state of dismantlization (that should definitely be a word) I was expecting a few things would need fixing. I was right…

First up was the left turn signal. The right turn signal flashed, the hazard lights flashed but the left refused to. I am fairly sure this is a loose connection at the bulb behind the dash since it was working before I put the dash back in. The bulbs in the dash are wired in series with the indicator flasher relay so if the bulbs not working, nor will the flasher and nor will the indicators. Unfortunately this effectively means the car is back off the road until I fix it.Second was the air-conditioning. It was even more ineffectual than normal. Cold air would not blow out of the vents at all although plenty of warm air was circulating. This coincides with the passenger air distribution level no longer moving all the way forward. A quick read of the owners manual confirmed that the air-conditioning will not work properly unless both driver and passenger air distribution levers are both in the forward, closed, positions. This problem was presumably under the center console where the cables for the ventilation levers run.

Other than that the car was running as well if not better than before. The engine pulled well, the car ran cool enough and the electric windows now lower all the way to the bottom.

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