New leather plated and coloured

Ferrari 308 new leather for door cards

The new leather for the doors has been plated and coloured to match the Connolly AutoLux leather used for the seats and has been fitted to the door panels replacing the previous temporarily dyed finish.

A year ago Connolly in the UK sent my upholsterer three new Autolux hides. Two were perfect but the third did not match and Connolly could not supply anything close to the two hides we used for the seats. Therefore we got a fourth hide plated here in the US to match the grain and coloured to match the Autolux two-color finish.

Ferrari 308 plated leather finish

A close up of the plated finish. The new leather is an almost perfect match for the leather on the seats (shown below)

Ferrari 308 Connolly leather close-up

Ferrari 308 new Connolly seat leather
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