Getting the details right

Ferrari 308 correct trim screws door

As the interior restoration of 26359 draws to a close I am more mindful of getting the details right, even if it means pulling something apart to do it again a second, third or fourth time. It has to be right. One example is the outer edge of the leather door panel.

The trim screws and cup washers took several weeks to locate in the US and once I had found a supplier, actually a boat builder, I still had to order 300 of each before he’d send any to me. So I now have 292 spares of both screws and washers since I only needed four for each door. Although Ferrari originally used chrome, I could not source chrome screws and washers in the US so mine are polished stainless steel and a very close match to the originals.

The piping on the door panel you see above is now correct but it required two panels and several attempts by my upholsterer to get right. I am very glad he took the effort to finish it perfectly. Similarly the grain on the leather. The first hide we used for the doors matched the seat color once dyed but not the grain. The finished door panels use a hide that was custom plated to match the seat grain.

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