Monthly Archive: April 2015

Ferrari 308 interior detail 0

Interior detail

Detailing my interior is something I have been meaning to do for a while. I hadn’t treated the new leather or vinyl since I finished the renovation last year. After a lot of research I...

Ferrari 308 taillight missing lens 4

Finally something broke

I was discussing my car with another Ferrari owner this weekend and when I closed the engine cover the rear light fell apart  🙁 This is the first time something has broken on the car...

Ferrari 308 GTB Carb 0

Spring is here

And that means driving season has started. Remember to leave a comment if you’d like or signup with your email address to never miss a future post.

Ferrari 308 Missing Airbox Nuts 0

Airbox nuts

My car was missing two of the four airbox nuts when I bought it. I sourced orginal replacements last year and fitted them. Six months later two are gone again. I suppose I should...

Broken Ferrari 308 window switch 2

A few small jobs

After a winter of shoveling a record amount of snow from our house in the Hudson Valley this winter, I can finally spend some time attending to a few small jobs on the Ferrari....