A few small jobs

After a winter of shoveling a record amount of snow from our house in the Hudson Valley this winter, I can finally spend some time attending to a few small jobs on the Ferrari.

First up is replacing the driver’s electric door switch which was broken during removal for last years restoration.

Broken Ferrari 308 window switch

The switch’s bezel broke off while I was trying to lever it out of the armrest. Ironically I bought the car with with two spare switches but had already used them up a couple of years previously to fix an electrical glitch. Now the spares cupboard was bare.

So I was faced with source a replacement. Very few parts for the Ferrari 308 are truly no longer available. Most scarce parts are available but at a seemingly ever increasing price. In this case, one particular, original scruffy switch were being touted on Ebay with a ‘buy it now’ of $179.99.

Maranello Concessionnaires in the UK came through this time. I cannot recommend these guys enough. Not only did they buy the entire stock of old original 308 parts from the factory, their prices for original parts are often lower than the reproduction parts available from other suppliers. Best of all they routinely achieve next day delivery to me in NY from London via a happy coincidence of a 5 hour time difference, their warehouse being 11 minutes from Heathrow and my house being 40 minutes from Newark airport!

I can order at 8pm my time and have the DHL courier at my door the next day at 7pm . I just checked my last invoice and the delivery charge was only $25… for next day airfreight. Crazy. Anyway, Maranello had an original switch available for $40. Click… click… purchased.

Ferrari 308 new window switch

My upholsterer had been a little generous in the amount of vinyl he left in and around the hole in the armrest so that had to be carefully trimmed back to get a good fit… without breaking another switch.

Ferrari 308 armrest

Ferrari 308 windows switches
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  1. Andrew McCrae says:

    Thank you for this post. I got my car last August and it is in good condition apart from some awfully poor interior work in places. This photo will allow me understand the switch spacings as a trimmer placed both switches into a single hole side by side.

    • David says:

      Andrew, Good luck with your fixes. If you need any further info, measurements or photos just let me know. Bear in mind that these were hand made so a little variation is normal, especially from year to year.

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