Interior detail

Ferrari 308 interior detail

Detailing my interior is something I have been meaning to do for a while. I hadn’t treated the new leather or vinyl since I finished the renovation last year. After a lot of research I chose Chemical Guys Vintage Series Leather Serum conditioner and protective coating for my new Connolly leather and Maguiar’s Natural Shine Protectant for all of the new vinyl.

Interior detailing products

The leather serum replaces Griot’s Leather Care which I thought was too aggressive and actually removed some of the color from the new leather when tested on a small patch. The Chemical Guys product goes on very well, absorbs quickly and gives the leather a very soft, smooth finish without much sheen.

The Meguiar’s vinyl treatment is something i have used before with great results. It protects the vinyl like many other products but unlike other products it leaves a matt finish which is useful for minimizing glare in the 308 cabin.

Both products have left my interior looking nothing short of spectacular for very little effort.

Ferrari 308 interior detail
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