Removable Trunk Liner

Three years ago I replaced the steering rack and in order to access everything more easily I removed the trunk liner.


This is normally riveted to the chassis with the edges glassed over. When I put it back, I decided to refinish the edges and screw it down instead. The thought being that if I ever needed to access below the panel again, I’d be able to.


Below the liner you can see the steering rack, its bushes, brake proportioning valve, brake lines and radiator hoses.


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4 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Can you tell me how you removed the liner without damaging it?

    • 26359 says:

      Hi Paul

      First, I drilled out all the old rivets. Then I ran a sharp knife between the liner and the chassis. Finally I flexed and pulled the liner free.

      Once out, I refinished it with some additional fiberglass and repainted it.

      It fits back in quite easily now and there are sheet metal screws where the rivets were.

  2. Kevin Bento says:

    Hi David, this is one of my winter projects, I like the idea of having easy access to all of the front stuff below the spare tire seat. Do you remember how many rivets there were? I have to do some work on the steering rack and front sway bar.

    • David says:

      Hi Kevin. Thanks for your comment. I’ll count them and post up them up this week. You’re not the first to ask so it makes to put the info in a post for future reference.

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