Winter Work Begins

While winter cannot decide if it is going to make an appearance this year, 26359 is off the road… literally.Ferrari_308_Lift

And 18 inches in the air on jack stands. The performance of the shock absorbers has deteriorated this year so they need replacement.

The driving season is typically April/May to November/December in the lower Hudson Valley. The beginning is determined by the end of April showers and the end is defined by the first salt on the road.

This means the car is typically laid up four or five months of the year. For cars under ongoing restoration, this is useful maintenance time. During previous winters, I have restored the front suspension, restored the interior and upgraded the lighting.

The full list of work planned for this winter is:

  1. Check suspension forks and A-arms for damage
  2. Check steering components for play
  3. Replace brake lines with stainless steel versions
  4. Replace rear A-arm bushes (fronts were already done in 2012)
  5. Clean and powder coat rear A-arms (fronts were already done in 2012)
  6. Clean and repaint rear inner wings (fronts were already done in 2012)
  7. Replace all four shock absorbers

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