Oil leak

The 308 has leaked a little oil on the garage floor since I had the major service done a couple of years ago. Never a lot… just a few spots between drives. I can’t remember if it leaked oil before that service… probably. I don’t mind – it’s nature’s rust proofing. I mentioned the leak to the independent Ferrari mechanic who did the major service who said… “yes we can redo the cam seals now since it’s probably them… but it would be cheaper to simply buy more oil and wait until the next major service”. After all… who was it said that if your old Ferrari does not leak oil… it’s out of oil?

Ferrari 308 transfer case oil leak

I just happened to be under the car disconnecting the rear anti-roll bar at the weekend when I glanced at the plug for the transfer case. At that exact moment I saw a drip appear and then drop on to the ground. The source of the oil leak found… by chance. I quickly took a photo… post drip.

So the list of jobs to do while refurbishing the rear suspension now includes cleaning up the oil leak, draining the gear oil, replacing the crush washer and resealing that drain plug. The list seems never ending. It may just need to be tightened but tightening just a little too far will strip the fragile thread in the aluminium crank case and that is a much bigger issue than a small oil leak.


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