Original spring manufacturer

I found this sticker on my rear spring but could not make out the manufacturer’s name. Ferrari 308 shock absorber

I remembered I had seen similar stickers on the springs on the front of the car before I refinished them. Checking back through my photo archive, I found an image taken of the front shock absorber before refinishing which had a less damaged sticker.

Ferrari 308 shock absorber


Google translates mollifici as ‘springmakers’ and Lissone is a suburb of Monza. Further Googling reveals a Monza business with the name Mollificio Angelo Cagnola Spa. Bloomberg has the following company history:

Mollificio Angelo Cagnola Spa was founded in 1917. The company’s line of business includes manufacturing steel spring products.

Unfortunately, the address provided online now seems to be occupied by a company called Sterilmilano providing sterilization services for vets and dentists! Registration of the cagnola.it and cagnola.com web domains have also lapsed recently, leading me to believe that my Ferrari’s spring maker is no longer in business.


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