Koni Adjustment

Contrary to common knowledge the 308’s Koni shock absorbers are adjustable but only for rebound, not height. Before I removed the shocks from the car they seemed too stiff. I assumed they were either just old or something was broken inside, however so far I have not found anything wrong with them. In fact they compress and decompress quite smoothly. With the shocks off the car and the coils removed, I thought I should test how they were adjusted. Perhaps someone in the past had set them too hard.

Koni Shock Absorber Adjustment

Koni Shock Absorber Adjustment (image courtesy of Koni)

As shown above he Konis have an internal adjuster at the bottom of the shock body that can be turned by engaging two cams on the bottom of the piston. This is done by fully compressing the shock absorber and then turning the top clockwise to stiffen the shock and counter-clockwise to soften the shock.

As I found out when I could not get the cams to engage, the bumpstop must also be removed in order to lower the cams far enough into the holes.

Removing Koni Bump Stop

Removing Koni Bump Stop


Bump Stop Removed

Bump Stop Removed


Once fully compressed I found that both shock absorbers were fully rotated counter-clockwise. So they were on their softest setting which does not explain why they seemed so hard when I drove the car in December. The next step is either new or rebuilt shock absorbers.

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  1. ATSAaron says:

    Hi. I’m not sure how old your page is, or if you found the issue, but I think I know what it is. Some of the rubber inside the shock degrades. It comes apart in small pieces that clog up the oil passages. This causes the shock to become very stiff. A rebuild is your only option.

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