Front coilovers disassembled

Disassembly is straightforward. Compress the spring enough to release the pressure on the lower perch and the semi circular clips, remove the clips, pull off the perch, and slowly decompress the spring again, remove shock and rubbers.

Disassembling Ferrari 308 coilover
Clip removal

Perch removal
Perch removal


Disassembling Ferrari 308 coilover
Releasing the spring tension


Disassembled Ferrari 308 coilover
Disassembled Ferrari 308 coilovers


A quick test of the shocks reveal no issues. They seem to compress and rebound identically so now I am not sure they were the source of the handling problems I experienced back in December.

However, the bushes are shot, and have been mangled upon installation. I’d even wager that they were hammered in rather than pressed in. Plus the shock bodies needs refinishing cosmetically so the shocks are going back to Koni for restoration in the next couple of weeks.

Ferrari 308 shock top
Mangled shock absorber bush

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