Work resumes

Suspension work has restarted after a three-month break while the Ferrari-side of the garage was refitted with new cabinets, parts storage and workbenches.

Ferrari 308 suspension bush

Ferrari 308 suspension bush sleeve tack-welded in

Part of the suspension work this time around is to replace the polyurethane bushings with OEM-type silent blocs. In the three years I have had them fitted, I have found the poly bushes a little harsh but worse than that annoyingly squeaky.

Ferrari 308 suspension bush

Grinding away the spot-weld holding the sleeve to the suspension arm

Putting in new silent blocs means removing the old sleeves (the poly bushings were inserted into the old silent bloc sleeves and so did not need this). The old sleeves are tack welded in, so grinding away the welds is the only option. I found a regular 4″ grinder quick but too large and imprecise so it was in with the trusty Dremel.

Ferrari 308 suspension bush

Weld fully ground away

This is what we need to see: a distinct crack between the bushing sleeve and suspension arm. Only another 31 welds to grind out before finding a hydraulic press to push out the sleeves.

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