Ferrari Restoration Videos

I am literally sitting waiting for parts: three suspension forks from the UK and a large 46mm socket from eBay before I can progress with the new suspension. So instead of posting a progress report, I though it might be good to post up some links to Ferrari restoration videos.

Mystery Of The Buried Dino
Back in 1978, a 1974 Dino 246 GTS was found buried in a yard in Los Angeles. It’s the real, real story about the buried Dino.

Andy Greene’s Sports and Vintage Race Cars
Andy has a passion for all types of classic cars, but in particular the Ferrari marque that he has specialized in for over three decades. As one of Petrolicious’s early videos its short but has the usual great production values as well as a great sound track and gorgeous yellow 250 SWB!

Restoration and Performance Motorcars
The RPM shop is an unexpected jewel in the middle of Vermont; well worth a visit by any Ferraristi in the area. There is nothing better than driving a long one the rural lanes around there and being passed by a 250 TDF at full pelt 🙂 You’ll find RPM’s burgundy barns just past the Doller General store on the outskirts of Vergennes. And look out for the 308 engine being built on the bench next to Peter Markowski.

John Pogson
John Pogson seems to have done more than most in the world of Ferraris. He’s worked for main dealers, set up as andependent, raced F40s and owned plenty of other Ferraris. In this video he talks about how he got started in the world of Ferrari and how it involves a certain 308 GT4.

Hoyle Fox Classics
Terry Hoyle’s shop ( is only a few miles from where I grew up but I never knew it was there. I wish I had. I love how shops like this accumulate the older Ferraris. Unfortunately it typically means they are waiting for parts as well!

Another Ferrari business just a few miles from my childhood home although I don’t think it was around while I was there. I buy a few of my spares from Eurospares. Sorry for the abysmal narration.

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