Reproducing suspension Paint Marks

These are new rubber stamps I’ve had made to reproduce the markings on the  suspension wishbones.

Reproduction Ferrari 308 suspension stamps

Reproduction suspension stamps

“AB USA” identifies my suspension components as those for a GTB for the American market. “AS USA” would denote components for a US GTS. I had two separate  stamps made since it is clear from my original stampings, the marks were made with separate stamps.

Ferrari 308 suspension stampings

Suspension paint marks

The typeface used for the USA mark seems to be consistent from car to car but I have seen a couple of variations for the AB/AS. My AB marks are the exact same size and typeface as the USA marks and match a number of photos I have of other contemporary 308 suspensions. My aim is to reproduce these markings. However I have also seen a few cars with their AB marked in a larger serif font. Just the normal Ferrari factory variation I suppose.

Ferrari 308 suspension stampings

Suspension paint marks

I quickly matched up the typeface family, weight, size and kerning in photoshop using a transparent layer. I then switched to Illustrator to generate the final artwork as a vector. A few paper proofs later and I had a perfect outline.

Mockup of Ferrari 308 suspension paint stamp

Mockup for stamp artwork in Photoshop


Matching Ferrari 308 suspension paint marks

Matching the paint marks

I sent the artwork to Holmes Stamp and Sign in Jacksonville, Florida who made up the two rubber stamps from the Illustrator PDF. In theory they should be very similar to the ones used at the factory 40 years ago.

After using the new stamps, I suspect the factory stamps were foam and not rubber. The rubber tended to push the paint out from the edge on the new slick powder coat making the letters look a little heaver than the original. Overall though I think the result is good and certainly comparable with some of the heavier original paint stampings I’ve seen.


Reproduction Ferrari 308 suspension marks

Reproduced 308 suspension marks


Old and new Ferrari 308 suspension markings

Old and new suspension markings

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