Monthly Archive: January 2017

New brake pads on Ferrari 308 0

New brake pads

While I have the hubs and calipers off of the car, I’m replacing the brake disks. The old ones are a bit worn but still OK. When I bought the car, it came with...

Ferrari 308 suspension bolts 0

Reusing Nyloc Fasteners

The subject of whether nyloc fasteners should be re-used recently came up for discussion.  I had never really consided whether one should or not, I just always replaced them. I decided to do a...

New Ferrari Flambloc Bush 4

Flamblocs Welded In

The front suspension flamblocs have been tack-welded to the front suspension wishbones. Flamblocs are a particular type of flanged, rubber ‘silent block’ bush that connect the wishbones to the suspension forks at the bottom...

New Ferrari 308 suspension fork 0

Suspension fork replacement

This is one of the four suspension forks used to attach the front lower wishbones to the chassis. They also provide camber and toe adjustment via shims slipped in behind, between the fork and the...

Ferrari 308 photographed by Isaac Brook 5

Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year to everyone who follows my restoration blog. Wishing you a happy, healthy and fun Ferrari-filled 2017. 26359 as photographed by Isaac Brook