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I’ve been out of the garage for more than a week so I’m posting a second set of Ferrari videos as a poor substitute to reporting any real restoration work.

The Panelbeater
First up is an amazing video from Brandoli Egidio in Modena. No other video I know portrays the pure passion for restoring old Ferraris as well as this one does.

The Ferrari Mechanic
Paul Newman or simply ‘Newman’ to use his handle is a mechanic turned expert Ferrari restorer. Driven by a palpable passion for the marque he is now recognized as an authority on Ferrari 308 and Boxer restorations.

The World’s Most Beautiful 308 GTB
And following on from that, here is the result of one of Paul’s remarkable restorations.

A Ferrari Tale
From restoration videos we move to some videos that simply celebrate the Ferrari 308 series. First up is Hagay Farran’s awesomely atmospheric video.

208 GTB Turbo
Another appreciation video but this time for the 308’s lesser known step-brother, the 208 turbo. These cars were produced soley for the Italian domestic market with a reduced V8 capacity of 2 liters for tax purposes. While the engine maybe different, that seating position is pure 308. Remember to enable closed captioned subtitles if they are not displayed automatically.

308 GT4
Finally some fun with Bertone’s edgy classic – a stunning mint green 308 GT4.

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6 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Do you know where the last video was filmed?

    • David says:

      The car has a CH country sticker and a Swiss license plate from the canton of Vaud (VD) and so if I had to guess, I’d say that was Lake Geneva in the video. I looked up the videographer and he’s from NL and produces stunning work:

  2. Antonio says:

    The GT4 is filmed too fast

    • David says:

      It is speeded up 🙂 maybe by as much as twice as much and it gets a little comical at the end but I still think it’s a fun and well-shot video.

  3. Kris says:

    What year and model is shown in the Hagay video? I see a Ferrari Nederlands window sticker on it but it has USA side markers.

    • David says:

      That’s a good question… it’s a bit of a mix. It’s a 76 or 77 308 GTB. I think it might be an early 76 fibreglass model because sometime you can see what might be a seam 90% up the A-pillar which only the fibreglass models have. The rear valance shows it is a US model that has been changed to have European-style bumpers and grill but you are right: it retains its original US-style running lights.

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