Discretion is the better part of valor

I could not get the heim joint off of the right lower suspension wishbone. The left one was a struggle but the right proved even harder. Trying to remove it broke my bearing puller and started to bend the M12 threaded stud on the wishbone. That heim joint is well and truly stuck on there.

To quote Shakespeare, “Discretion is the better part of valor”, so instead of wasting time and effort continuing trying to get the damn thing off, I threw it in the parts drawer and bought a new, old lower right wishbone, shown on the left on the bench, below.

Ferrari 308 rear lower wishbones

The seller told me the replacement came off an 1980 GTS that burned in Canada. There is no sign of heat on this part as the bushings are still in OK shape. I will replace them anyway of course and refinish the wishbone.

It’s a bit of a milestone because I think this will be the first non-wear, mechanical replacement to be put on the car. The interior has been redone of course but the car’s mechanicals are currently 100% factory original apart from the parts one expects to have to replace eventually such as bearings, shock absorbers, brake pads, oil filters etc.

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