Replacement 101009 Thrust Washers

With all the screwing around trying to attach the hub to the wishbone that was too small, I scratched up two of the PTFE/teflon thrust washers that came with the replacement outer bushes.

Ferrari 101009 thrust washer

I needed some new ones, Ferrari part number 101009. So, where to source them? Maranello classic parts list each washer at $8.59, Ricambiamerica has them at $11.46 and my Ferrari dealer quoted me $17.10. Not a huge spread but if you are buying 8 for the entire car the difference is a good bottle of Barolo… In other words, worth saving.

Now p/n 101009 is actually a standard metric thrust washer, nothing Ferrari-specific about it. Even the size/position of the key location hole is standardized. The industry standard name for 101009 is a WC20DU and they can be found at pretty much any bearing supplier. The actual specification is a 22 mm inside diameter, a 38 mm outside diameter with 1.45 mm thickness.

Standard WC20DU thrust washers

I bought mine from Motion Industries for $5.37 each… A saving of $94 over the Ferrari dealer price… Enough for two bottles of Barolo!

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