Damaged by a previous owner

I know my car had some sort of incident in its past. I’ve written about this before. The body work is totally undamaged and offers no clue as to what happened. The only damage is to a few suspension and chassis components on the rear left corner. There’s a crack above the left shock mount that has been welded and I have some severely bent up roll bar bracket in the box of old parts. Recently, I also found the rubber bushing for that bent up roll bar bracket… it’s a mess:

A very damaged anti roll bar bushing

Now I have two more pieces of evidence which provide an explanation. The first new piece of evidence has been sitting unnoticed in that same parts box. The old antiroll bar is in there and while I was sanding the old paint off ready to respray it, I found a gouge had been taken out of it.

Damage to rear anti roll bar

Clearly this bar, which hangs off the bottom of the chassis, has hit something sharp. The anti roll bar is symmetric so I cannot tell what was the left side and what was the right side when it was installed… Until one realizes that the damage must have happened on the underside of the bar (since the upper side is not really accessible). If the damage occurred on the underside of the bar, it must have been installed so the damage occurred on the left hand side of the car; in the same vicinity as the damage to the bracket and rubber.

The next piece of evidence is on the bottom of the car and was only obvious when I went to remove the aftermarket anti roll bar. The mounting stud for the anti roll bar has been bent back 30 degrees! Hopefully, I’ll still be able to tighten everything when the old bar goes back on.

Impact site near anti roll bar bracket

You can also see where the Dinitrol anti-rust undercoating has been chipped off the chassis at the same point. There is a good chance that happened at the same time since there are no other chips on the chassis like that.

So, in closing, here is the evidence…

  1. An anti roll bar that has been scrapped against something hard
  2. A mounting stud for the anti roll bar bent back on itself 30 degrees
  3. A mangled anti roll bar bracket that looks like it’s been squashed
  4. The remains of the bar’s rubber bushing that has been squashed
  5. A cracked upper shock mount
  6. Chipped Dinitrol coating where the impact occurred

I’m now pretty sure that the car was driven backwards up against a curb or a rock. As the rear-left corner of the car was pushed up over the rock, it gouged the bar, bent the stud, squashed the mounting black and eventually pushed the wheel up enough to crack the top of the shock mount. Given the ride height of the car, I would estimate the rock was around 9 inches (22 cm) high.

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  1. erwin says:

    CSI or should I say Magnum PI 😉

  2. Craig says:

    Sure, blame the, “old,” owner…;-)

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