How much!?!?

Ferrari part number 108294… it’s a small steel tube used as a spacer in the rear anti roll bar drop link. The tube is 34 mm long with an 10 mm inside diameter and 12.5 mm outside diameter. Here are two of them.

Ferrari 108294 bushing

I needed these two in order to put the original anti-roll bar back on the rear of the car. I found them in the box of old parts that came with the car. Great I thought… but they are in pretty bad shape.

Feeling lazy, I thought I’d buy two new ones to avoid cleaning up the old ones… I mean… how expensive can these little spacers be?

Ferrari 108294 dealer pricing

$100 from the dealer to be exact!


On second thoughts. I’ll be cleaning off the rust and putting my old ones back in the rear drop links. On reflection this is a good thing. My original ones are not even well made, and because of that they tell more of the narrative of s/n 26359 than some shiny new $200 tubes would.

Ferrari 308 rear drop link

[Additional graphics by Freepik]

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