Male Logic

Did you ever hear your mother or maybe wife, say that by spending more money, she was actually saving money? Typically with the ‘buy one, get one half price’ type of deal. I noticed the word ‘actually’ was almost always present and emphasised. I never quite got the logic… So you spent $15, which was $5 more than the product cost, but you saved money. Hmmmmm.

Well, I think I might be suffering from a variation of this; let’s call it ‘male logic’. I need a four wheel alignment. It will cost around $350 in this area. With a lift, I could do my own alignment. So, if I spend $1500 on a lift I will actually save $350. So maybe my mother was onto something afterall 😀

Buy one, get one half off.

Or putting it another way… Yay – I’m getting a lift.

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