QuickJack Part 3

I found after doing all the work, I didn’t have to make the center sections of the ramps removable for the 308. It’s a little unusual in that the jacking points (actually the chassis members) are so far inboard from the track of the wheels that the QuickJack platforms can sit completely inside the ramps permanently. So I don’t need to slide them in and out of position for the 308.

QuickJack under Ferrari 308

Contact between the platform’s and the 308 chassis is via large rubber blocks, of which the QuickJack comes with two sizes. The manual says that these can be stacked to give more height but I feel this would be less stable than using a single block.

QuickJack lifting block

With the lifting platforms and rubber blocks in the correct place, it was time to lift the car. The QuickJack is impressively fast at lifting for a small unit. And its true what people say about getting a lift (even a tiny one like this). Once you have one, you regret not buying one earlier. Even cleaning and detailing the car is so much easier using the lift.

In terms of stability, the QuickJack is good but not 100% rock solid… I’d give it an 8/10. The car can be swayed side to side when its up by perhaps a 1/4 – 1/2 inch. It actually seems to be the QuickJack platforms flexing which is then amplified by the distance to each end of the car. Then again it could be the compliancy of the rubber lifting blocks. A bar comes down on each side to make a rigid, mechanical support at one of two positions.

Anyway, here is a video of the QuickJack at work in my garage lifting s/n 26359:

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2 Responses

  1. Nuno Andrade says:

    I have a 308 and just bought a Quick Jack and before using it I’m looking for tips on what lifting points to use …. stickers facing rear or front, etc.
    If I use the traditional lifting points, the jacks will not be parallel

    Can you help? Do you have pictures or a quick sketch showing the lifting points that you are using?

    • David says:

      Hi Nuno

      Not sure of where the labels are, and your jacks might be different from mine. If I remember well, the quick jack instructions indicate which way to orient the lifting platforms. The jack does not lift the car straight up but able moves forward or back depending on orientation.

      In terms of were to put the lifting blocks, I put mine under the diagonal chassis members at the front behind the front wheels and under the diagonal chassis members in front of the rear wheels. I use the points closest to the outside of the car where these diagonals meets the outer sill member. There is significant strengthening there. There is also a plate welded over that rear diagonal where it meets the sill. The points I use are parallel to each other and the sides of the car. They are strong points of the chassis.

      The diagonals are visible in these photos of the bare chassis frame:


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