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I discovered today that the assembly number is also stamped on the front trunk (frunk) frame of a Ferrari 308. Ferrari used the assembly numbers to ensure that parts fettled and modified for a particular chassis (which was yet unnumbered at that stage of the production) stayed with the chassis along the production line. Since there were hand built cars, many pieces such as doors and interior pieces needed small modifications to fit.

Ferrari 308 assembly numbers can be found on  interior parts

I know my car is #798 since I found that number scrawled on all sorts of interior pieces when I restored my interior (like the fibreglass door card, above). Now I see the same number stamped on the frunk frame confirming that the body and interior are original to my car which is good to know.

Ferrari 308 assembly number on frunk frame

Unless you know its there, it’s a little hard to see on my car. I had not noticed it until today when I was asked to examine another car and then checked back on mine. That car has an assembly number after mine but a serial number and production number one month earlier; meaning Scaglietti built my body first but Ferrari did not complete its assembly until well after the other car with the later chassis. Proof that there is not much correlation between assembly numbers and serial numbers.

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