Failed Throttle Cable

The throttle cable broke while accelerating around 5 miles from my home. I managed to recover the car using a ‘bricolage’ hand throttle made with fishing line tied to the carb linkage. Macgyver would have been proud! 

Attach fishing line here!
Attach fishing line here 🙂

The throttle cable runs from the throttle pedal, backwards through the space between the aluminium floorpan and the glassfibre interior floor, through a pipe in the chassis to the firewall, up the firewall, then through a hole in the rear most cam cover to the carburetor linkage under the airbox:

Ferrari 308 Throttle Cable

The throttle cable is shown in red. The S-shape section is the the pipe that runs up the firewall guiding the cable through the front cam cover to the carburettor throttle linkage.

Examination of the rear cylinder bank confirmed there was no long a throttle cable running through the cam cover to the carburetors. Replacing the cable would require removal of the airbox. Removal of the airbox requires removal of the decklid/bonnet. Removal of the decklid/bonnet requires a few friends to help.

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