A Sneak Preview…

…of something that I’m currently developing. Owners of early 308s might recognize it. Comment below if you know what it is…

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  1. Kevin Bento says:

    Is it the Diagnostic Port in the engine bay? I would love to get a mating AMP connector for that. I toyed with the idea of 3D Printing one.. I researched it a bit ago to see if I could find the correct AMP part number for it, but apparently there are thousands of similar AMP connectors out there, nearly impossible to find out which one mates up with it.

    • David says:

      No, not the port for a Jofatron, Kevin. I had forgotten about those old things so thanks for reminding me. My car is too early for it. I think they started with the injected cars. However, I would not think it too hard to print such a connector these days.

  2. Martin N. says:

    Retractor reel for early engine lid support (?)

    Best from Germany

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