Spool Prototype

The spool prototype is now fitted to the car and seems to work perfectly well. The spool seems to have plenty of tension to pull the rod down the track but not so much that the rod is difficult to move back to its stored position.

Ferrari 308 reproduction decklid spool (part number 60108206)
New-manufacture spool in 3D-printed fitting

The cover is missing its top since this is the integration model, made to ensure that the two parts of the 3D printed cover fit together well before printing a full cover. However, this integration model is also perfect to let me observer the spool as the rod moves.

Ferrari 308 reproduction decklid spool (part number 60108206)
It works!

I’ll leave the prototype on the car for a few months to see how reliable it is before replacing it with a fully covered production version.

Read more about the history of this project here.

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