Rear light removal

Removing the rear lights on the 308 is an easy task with the right tools. 

Removing Ferrari 308 lights
Rear lights removed

Because of the inordinately long threaded stud on the back of the light, the trick is to find a hollow, deep 7mm socket such as the Wiha 7mm nut spinner. This tool has a hollow bore, an end that fits through the round cut-outs in the support structure and is the perfect tool for this job…

Ferrari 308 rear light thread
Ridiculously long thread

… but only for 16 out of the 18 nuts holding the lights in. The bottom nut on the inner (brake) lights cannot be reached with the nut spinner as the handle gets in the way. For that nut, I switch to an STMM7 socket from Snap-On. It has a bolt clearance depth of 42mm – just enough to clear the 40mm length of the tail light stud.

Tools to remove Ferrari 308 rear lights
Tools for extraction

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