$1400 detail (just one panel!)

The rear-end of my car has always shown its age so time for some $$$$ cosmetic surgery.

Ferrari 308 old lights
Dull, dull, dull

The rear end had numerous issues. The first and most important is the state of the lights and in particular the turn signals. I suspect they are original and the UV light and exhaust gases have not been kind to them. Apart from falling apart a few years ago, the insides are beyond cleaning even though I have tried and polishing the outside no longer gives the improvement it did. Time to bite an expensive bullet…

Ferrari 308 replacement lights
Yellow boxes are never cheap

Actually, the bullet was bitten many years ago when I bought the replacement lights from Ferrari for around $350 each but never fitted them. 

The turn signals on these old cars really are a safety issue. Twice now I have had people following me saying they did not see my turn signal at the same time as other people following me saying they did see them.

Certainly, these old cars don’t have the same high visibility LED taillights that new cars have but I think my knackered old lenses were making the problem worse.

Removing the old lights is straightforward and just as well because the only way to really clean around them is to remove them. 

Ferrari 308 light removal
Old rear lights removed

$1400 from Ferrari buys the lights but not the rubber gaskets for the lights. Mine were undamaged and so could be re-used. Some kind of additional sealing gunk was on the back of the seals too. I don’t know if that is original. I cleaned and conditioned the rubber and fitted them to the new lights.

I also removed the badges from the rear because there was a ton of grime behind them I could not clean –  this is a proper $$$$ detail after all!

So I cleaned, cut, washed, clayed and polished that one rear panel so that it now looks like a million dollars. 

Ferrari 308 detail
Looking a million dollars

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  1. Martin N. says:

    Hi David,

    now it’s too late 🙂 But I want to forward this hint anyway. Though it will not restore the lights like new, one can achieve a significant improvement via ultrasonic cleaning, what actually removes the inside gunk.

    Best from Germany

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