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Today, I had the pleasure of listening to a new car collecting podcast from Chris Harris (of Octane, /Drive and Top Gear fame) and not just because it heaped praise on one of my own cars (the BMW e46 M3).

Max Girardo at his London showroom
Max Girardo at his London showroom

The first guest is Max Girardo, ex-RM-Sotheby’s MD and auctioneer-extraordinaire, who now runs a classic car brokerage in Fulham, South London. The panel discusses ‘matching numbers’ – what that term means and if it matters. The general consensus is it does not until you come to sell at which point everyone would prefer to be able to say ‘matching numbers’. 

The podcast is an entertaining 30 minutes. However, what resonated with me the most was a comment of Max’s. He said he was tired of performance numbers and lap times when comparing sports cars and wished he heard more about the experience of driving a car and how it makes one feel. I think all 308 enthusiasts can relate to this. I know I do.

I think there’s a good chance that someone reading my website will also be interested in listening to the Collecting Cars podcast so I thought I’d pass it along. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

P.S. listen and you’ll find out why Alcantara steering wheels are not necessarily a good idea.

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