Glidden Salchi Labels Available

Reproductions of all types of Glidden-Salchi and Salchi paint labels are now available from this website. These are correct for 308 models from 1975 to around 1981/1982 when the factory switched to Glasurit paint.

Reproduction Ferrari paint labels
Type 1, 2 and 3 Salchi labels are available

The price is $20 plus shipping. Shipping within the US is $5 and $15 for everywhere else. Because these labels came in different shades of blue from the factory, type 1 labels come in light and medium blue colors, type 2 comes in dark blue and type 3 comes in light, medium and dark blue. Each order contains 2 or 3 labels, depending on the type required. 

Until I get the e-commerce side of this website finished, use the contact link above to submit orders. Please specify the type required when ordering.

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