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Ferrari 308 photographed by Isaac Brook 5

Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year to everyone who follows my restoration blog. Wishing you a happy, healthy and fun Ferrari-filled 2017. 26359 as photographed by Isaac Brook 

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB after restoration 0

Shakedown Tests

With an interior, 26359 has been out and about, driving this way and that. Given the state of dismantlization (that should definitely be a word) I was expecting a few things would need fixing....

Ferrari 308 disassembled rear view mirror 2

Mirror fix

My rear view mirror was always cloudy. I had cleaned the glass but the contamination appeared to be inside. The opportunity to fix it presented itself when I hit the mirror with my head...

Ferrari 308 rust inside doors 0

Rustproofing the doors

With the doors dismantled I could see the state of the door innards with regard to rust. The bottom of the door skins are one of three main rust vulnerabilities on early 308s (the...

Ferrari 308 LED dash lighting 0

LED dash lighting part 4

The experimentation is over, I have finally found an LED back lighting combination I like. The final piece of the puzzle was to tint the diffraction ring of the speedometer to match the other...

Ferrari 308 LED dash lights 2

LED dash lighting part 2

The replacement BA9 LEDs have arrived. Each one uses 5 of the latest SMD 5050 surface mount diodes and so should be much brighter than the previous LEDs I was using Initial results were...

Ferrari 308 LED dash lighting first attempt 0

LED dash lighting part 1

The dash back lighting in the Ferrari was so bad that none of the dials could be seen when I drove the car at night. Part of the problem was certainly the rheostat that...

Ferrari 308 original equipment cotton seat covers 1

Ready for new leather

In preparation for the return of my seats re-trimmed in new Connolly Vaumol leather, I managed to find and purchase some Ferrari 308 seat protectors.