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Ferrari 308 original fuseboxes 0

New fuseboxes

Yet another one of my “while you are in there” jobs was to replace the fusebox. Just like the instruments, the Ferrari fuseboxes have a habit of melting. Above: the original fuseboxes

Ferrari 308 tenax fastener 6

Tenax fasteners

This is the front half of a Tenax fastener. Common on older convertibles for securing the tonneau cover; they are small spring loaded catches opened and closed by pulling up on the small metal...

Ferrari 308 throttle pedal parts 0

Anatomy of a throttle pedal

My throttle pedal was sticking a little so with the carpet out I thought it would be the right time to disassemble it, clean it and replace the bearings. Quite a lot of parts...

Ferrari 308 center vent flaps 0

Crusty old flaps

I can’t really put anything back together knowing that a part of it is not working as new. With renovations like this, that means simple jobs grow and grow as I find more and more...

Ferrari 308 interior lined acoustic damping 1

Lining the interior

With interior out of the Ferrari I can fit a Hushmat acoustic/thermal liner. Invented to improve the audio response of vehicles with ‘large’ stereo systems, it works pretty well on older vehicles to remove...

Ferrari 308 indicator stalk reassembled 0

On a roll…

Fresh from my success sourcing Land Rover bolt caps for my Ferrari’s interior I decided to tackle my wayward headlight stalk. When the lights of the Ferrari are on, the headlight stalk is unfortunately...

Ferrari 308 seatbelt covers 1

Land Rover Parts in a Ferrari?

The original covers for the seatbelt bolts had long since deteriorated and cracked. They are no longer available so replacements had to be sourced from another vehicle – in this case a Land Rover...

Ferrari 308 rear heater switch 1

Ford Parts in a Ferrari?

My rear window heater switch needs to be refurbished. As you can see the chrome is peeling off the bezel. This switch is a bit of an anomaly. Only the US models had them...

Ferrari 308 dashboard electrics 0

Italian electrics…. meh

The source of the burning smell inside my car every time I turned on the headlights was revealed when I removed the dashboard. My Italian electrics where slowly burning my tachometer 😮